Paradise Lost

556400_800_600This is a very popular venue (particularly for Kenyans at weekends) and it’s easy to see why… This large parkland has lots to offer including huge ancient caves you can enter hidden behind a waterfall, a boating lake, ostriches you can feed and pony and camel rides.

It’s also possible to camp here although safety may be a concern.
Being just a short drive from Nairobi, it’s a great place to visit for a day trip and the caves really are spectacular and well worth visiting, no matter what your age. The history of the caves is interesting as the Mau Mau lived in them during their resistance to British rule. To enter them, you need to enter by a tunnel just about big enough to walk through for several metres. Soon you will come to a large cavern which is lit by electric lighting and from there you can see the network of tunnels and more smaller caves linking to the main cavern. We advise taking a torch as the lighting is not 100% reliable and it’s pitch black inside the caves without artificial light. It’s quite an amazing experience to think of the Mau Mau living there all those years in those dark damp conditions hiding from their enemy.

The parkland is built around a boating lake with around 15 boats each holding nine people. You can hire the rowing boats out together with life jackets, which are suitable for children over around 8 and adults. There are no life jackets for children under that age, however. Fishing is permitted on the lake, but not swimming.

There are around 19 horses which you can hire for the whole day for rides in the forest. For children and those not so keen on a day’s adventure on horseback, short rides are also offered depending on what you want.

The four camels also offer an exciting camel ride for free on weekdays and for only 50/-ksh at weekends.

FOOD is not offered at Paradise Lost. However, facilities are available with open sided bandas and plastic chairs being provided, with toilet and washroom facilities (although be warned that water is not always available so it may be a good idea to bring some extra water for washing or baby wipes!)

If you like big crowds of people, go at the weekend. There is plenty to do with face painters and more. Sunday picnics are particularly very popular! For a quieter time, the weekdays are usually very quiet so you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Local Tip
It might be an idea to take a torch/flashlight with you into the cave. They do have lighting inside; however there are several tunnels leading out of the main cave so it might be nice to be able to see into these dark mysterious recesses.


Telpehone: +254 20 315 273 / +254 20 315 296
Address: Off Kiambu Road, Limuru, Near Runda and High Ridge, Nairobi

Directions:From the Village Market, drive through Runda, right through, until you reach the furthest exit on the Kiambu Road. Turn left, past the sign for the Evergreen Park and Garden. About 1km or less from the Runda exit, you’ll see a large sign at a turning on the left. Take this road and follow it (it’s pretty rough and very much so in wet weather, so you may need a 4×4 if the road is muddy). There are two more large signs on the way, and the entrance is about 3-4km’s from the main road.

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