Whitewater Rafting

Savage Wilderness Safaris have been whitewater rafting in Kenya for 17 years.

You can be sure that you are with experienced guides who know what they’re doing! Whitewater rafting is a fun day out for anyone over the age of about 9 years. The tour departs from the famous Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi (now called the Fairmont) at around 8am where you drive to the camp at Sagana (this takes just over 2 hours).

In total you’ll be in the boat for around four to five hours. Depending on water levels, you may have to get out of the boat at some places and then be put in at different points.

Here’s a brief description of the rafting trip.
“The Tana River is a drop pool river offering and the adventure starts with a 3 km stretch of easy class II and III white water, where there is plenty of opportunity to practice the paddle skills required to run the lower part of the river. A 6 km section follows with an hour or so of relaxation to view the abundance of bird life around. Cool off with a swim in the warm water. The final 7 km of river, back to the campsite starts with some easy class III waters where paddle commands are gone over again. It is now time for the 3 big rapids (class IV and V) with names like Captains Folly, Can of Worms,(taking its name from its four 90 degree bends in succession) and Sphincter Flexor. Subject to water levels we may be able to do some surfing in “fish eye” and then swim the next couple of smaller rapids. Numerous smaller rapids brings one on to the last big one – Spasm, a series of drops over ¾ km with a big surprise half way through”After finishing the trip, a well-earned barbeque with beers and soft drinks is offered (included in the price)

You’re going to be out in the sun for a lot of the day, so take long sleeved shirts and trousers if you have a tendency to get sun-burnt. You’re also very likely to get soaked through, so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Shoes need to be securely on your feet and shouldn’t come off. At some point you may be able to swim in the river, so a swimming costume under your clothes is probably a good idea.

For inexperienced rafters looking more a a longer adventure, a two-day package is offered. This consists of one day rafting on the Tana River – staying overnight at the SWS camp followed by a second, action packed day on the Mathoya River.
For those with a little more experience, SWS run three to four day rafting expeditions between mid April to mid July, or mid November to early January.

Adventurers are taken along a section of Athi River that borders East Tsavo National Park and runs through to Sagana. This fantastic journey passes through superb scenery where you will see an incredible amount of exotic bird-life and wildlife along the way. As well as enjoying the beautiful journey, this part of the river offers medium grade white water rafting to make this a truly unforgettable experience.
You can expect to see bushbuck, giraffe, buffalo and elephant, crocodiles, monkeys and baboons. The bird life is spectacular with over 120 different species having been recording on past trips
Day 1
You will get picked up in Nairobi and will drive to the Yatta Gap Bridge (4hrs). Start the journey and spend the afternoon floating gently for 10km down the river (4hrs). The water is generally calm for this part of the journey. Camp on a suitable sand bank along the river.

Day 2
Start early to see the best game viewing, (early morning and evening is usually the time when animals drink at the rivers edge). Full day rafting, with numerous sections of class II and III white water plus two big drops of class IV. Eat a packed lunch on one of the many small islands. Set up camp at a suitable sand bank in the late afternoon and enjoy a sun-downer.

Day 3
Similar to day 2, with some exciting rapids. Pass through a “jungle” Can camp overnight or depart for Nairobi.

Savage Wilderness Safaris have a well established and well resourced camp that offers a range of accommodation from basic camping to well equipped, self catering cottages. The site is set in a beautiful location and there are many other outdoor adventure activities offered, including Bunjee Jumping and Kayaking. Guests are welcome to drive to the camp themselves and create their own itinerary for activities.

Local Tip
Sagana is about 2 hours drive from Nairobi. To go whitewater rafting it’s entirely possible to drive there and back in a day. Alternatively, they offer basic accommodation and camping facilities. Bungee jumping is offered at the site too.


Email : whitewater@nbi.ispkenya.com
Telephone : +254 733 835 963 / +254 733 735 508
Address : Savage Wilderness Safaris , Sagana , Tana River
Website: http://whitewaterkenya.com
Directions : They are about 95 kms outside Nairobi on the Thika Highway, direction, Mt Kenya. Pass Thika and the Embu turn off. After you have passed the Tana river bridge, it is 11 more kilometers and you will see clear signs for whitewater Rafting and Savage Wilderness Safaris on both sides of the road. Turn left onto a 1 km of murram road that has been covered in some tarmac and follow the road towards the right. You will see a bungee tower and we are right next door.

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